Chinese Painting and Calligrapy

Chinese Painting and Calligrapy Class

Chinese painting has a long history more than 2,000 years. During the Warring States Period, there was painting on silk. Since ancient time, Chinese Painting divided into three subjects- figures, landscapes, flowers and birds. Chinese Calligraphy came out at the same time with the Chinese Painting. Chinese Calligraphy and Chinese Painting has a long history as unique Oriental art.

The basic equipments for practicing Chinese calligraphy and painting: brush pen and ink, paper and ink stone.

Learning Chinese Painting:

1. Prepare brush pen and ink, paper and ink stone.
2. First demonstration by teacher and learn how to hold the brush pen.
2. Thumb and middle fingers grasp tightly. Then, use the ring finger and the little finger on brush behind. The arm should be a distance away from the table.
3. According to original words, write on another piece of paper as much as possible like original words.

Learning Chinese Calligraphy:

1. Prepare brush pen and ink, paper and ink stone.
2. Find the needed the blank painting space in the illustrated painting
3. To see the teacher ‘s demonstration step by step.
4. Complete your painting works as keep it as a memorial.

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