Impression Show-Sanjie Liu

Impression Show-Sanjie Liu

The 'Impression of Liu Sanjie' is an outdoor night show beside the Li River in Yangshuo County which is 60km from Guilin.

Different from other shows in an enclosed space, the show - Impression of Liu Sanjie stages in the actual Li River which stretches 2 km (1.25 miles). The mist, moonlight, together with 12 Karsts peaks and their inverted reflections in the river all creates a spectacular natural backdrop. The large-scaled lights system, special smoke-effect system and the overwhelming sound system in harmony with the natural landscape presents a visual feast to audients.

The show lasts approximately 70 minutes and consists of 7 episodes: the Prelude, Red Impression, Green Impression, Golden Impression, Blue Impression, Silvery Impression and the Epilogue. Each episode displays different images and sceneries with the ever-changing natural background and lighting.

Impression Show-Sanjie Liu

There are 600 actor and actress involved and most of them are fishermen from the villages along the river. Zhang Yimou, the chief director of the performance, who is also the chief director of the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic 2008, creatively combines the classical Liu Sanjie’s folk songs and ethnic group culture together and presents a large-scale realistic performance in harmony with landscape.

How to book the ticket

This is an optional activity should combine with a package tour, or tells your guide to reserve it; we do not sell it separately. It is easy to book the ticket in Yangshuo, every hotel or inns have book service for travelers so don’t worry about it.

There are 5 seat areas in the theater and the prices are different. A1 Area is in the top of the auditorium and the price is the most expensive one (about US$105 RMB680). A2 is next to A1, the price is cheaper than A2 (about US$74 RMB480) but spaces are smaller than A1 and both of them are set in pavilion.

Impression Sanjie Liu Ticket

B1 Area is under the A1. The view is as good as A1 but there is no pavilion to hide. The price of B1 is lower than A1 and B1 (about US$49 RMB320). B2 Area is the biggest part of auditorium and the price is more available (about US$ 37 RMB238). Most of travelers will choose B2 not only the price but also easy to get a seat. C Area is in the bottom of the auditorium and comparing of others areas the vision may not very well so the price is the cheapest (about US$30 RMB198).


Note: The show is unavailable from January to February and close for a month.
Show Time: In weekend and summer time: 1st run: 19:40 to 20:50; 2nd run: 21:20 to 22:30, In weekday and winter time: 20:00 to 21:10
Admission Fee:Regular Seat: RMB198;VIP Seat: B2 area CNY238; B1 area CNY 320; President Seat: A2 area CNY 480; A1 area CNY680
Location: Tian Yuan Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin.
How to Get There: 1.5 hours drive from Guilin city, 1km from West Street; 15-20 minutes by foot, 5-10 minutes by battery car.

Tip: The show is subject to be in suspension or cancelled due to weather and travel season.

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