Guilin Rural Market Day

rural market day A Rural Market Day a really a great traditions that well-preserved for hundreds of years, it start very early before sunrise, the farmers from surrounding villages come to the trade market for sell and buy meat, fruit, livestock and Chinese herbal medicine. This is a great chance to involve in local peoples’ life, exposure to the local people and place.

You will expected to see

  • rural market day 1. A busy market full of people in business negotiating and barging.
  • 2. In livestock section, poultry seller are busy to help customer to weigh and then slaughter the live chicken or ducks, clean it all and cut in a small pieces. In the rural area in China, people like to buy poultry in alive; they consider it is the most delicious cooking ingredient since it just killed within hours, this sometimes would make some people feel uncomfortable while witness this happen .
  • 3. Try some local snacks as they just cooked it in the early morning, the stuffing glutens rice pudding, rice noodles, sweet bean curds are the popular food for breakfast in Guilin.
  • Why so call rural market day

    rural market day In the old days before the telephone and internet invention, people lack of communication from outside, so in the rural area, people apply a fair day on lunar calendar for everyone gathering and exchange produce as their daily necessity, This customs origin from rural area of Southeast of China and normally seen in Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian, Hunan Province, every two or three Chinese lunar day convention as the fair day, here comes the markets, locations, time of market day at nearby Guilin and its tourist towns.

      Every Day Every Three Day Every 1st, 4th, 7th day on lunar calendar Every 2nd, 5th, 8th day on lunar calendar Every 3rd, 6th, 9th day on lunar calendar Every 5th, 10th day on lunar calendar
    Guilin City

    Qifeng Town,

    Wayao street
    Yanshan Town     Tuomu Town, Caoping Village  
    Yangshuo Town Yangshuo Town   Baisha Town, Yangdi Town Fuli, Gaotian and Putao Town Yangshuo Town, Xingping Town, Puyi and Jinbao Village  
    Longsheng Town

    Piaoli Village,

    Pingdeng Village
      Heping Village Sanmen Town, Jiangdi Village Sishui Village, Madi Village Longsheng Town
    Lingui Town Er'tang Village Changdong, Wutong, Zhongyong, Sitang Village   Daxu, Haiyang, Tanxia and Shuangtan Town   Huangsha Yao Village
    Lingchuan Town Lingchuan Town, Zhengyi Village       Sanjie, Jiuwu, Damian and Damiao Village  

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