Longsheng Ancient Zhuang Village

Longji Zhuang Ancient Village

Longji Ancient Zhuang Village is a well-reserve villages that recently open to the tourist, there are 700 hundred ethnic people resident here, they still live with the most traditional customs and the way of farming, tourist will have a opportunity to visit the hundreds years old house and have a free talk to the household, then visit the Zhuang Culture Museum is a good place to acknowledge the history of Zhuang and the locals.

The spectacular terrace hill are present in front of the village, it various in different weather and in four seasons, villagers growing rice and potatoes to feed the whole family, Paddy, corn , taro and bean are their favorite food. The cooked bean, porridge with meet fragment and rice in bamboo bowl are fragrant and unique. They can cook five-color- rice, and all kinds of glorious rice dumping. On every march 3, every family will cook rice with different colors and five-color-eggs. Mix fresh blood with glutinous rice is a favorite dish in west Guilin area. They think fresh blood can supply vigor.

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