Guilin Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake

the sun and moon pagoda

Banyan Lake and Cedar Lake are located in downtown Guilin . They are like two pieces of crystal embedded in the central part of the city. The origin of both parks dates back to Tang Dynasty when they were part of a city moat. As Guilin expanded to the south, the moat became a lake within the city area.

seven star bridge

Built in Song-Dynasty, Blue Ribbon Bridge (now Sun Bridge ) separates the lakes. The Cedar Lake was named after the cedar trees growing on the shore and the Banyan Part got its name because of a large banyan tree standing on shore near the 1,000-year-old South City Gate. The two lakes together were often referred to as Round Lake . A Zigzag bridges lead to the Mid-lake Isle , which is dotted with long corridors, waterside pavilions and ancient buildings.


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