Guilin Longji Pingan Zhuang Village

Pingan Zhuang Village

This village is a most tourist destination in Longji Terrace Field, it is located in the half way of mountain, more than 1200 meters above sea level, the whole village has more than 50 families, about 200 people, they are live on the farming for many generations, the local specialty here is red chilly. The rice terrace field was the top attraction which is renowned at home and abroad and the tourism change the life of the local people. The village still very peaceful even tourist come and fro everyday. There are a lot of Chinese and foreign tourists come to visit every day, nowadays mostly of the family are change the life style from farming to operating family hotel, massage shops, or selling handicraft.
The villagers here is all from Zhuang ethnic groups, the girl wearing white and blue dress and the man are wearing black dress, the custom dress instead of sea, sky and earth. Tourist can have a good opportunity to try their traditional food, as Roosted Bamboo Rice, Dried Bacons, and Sweet Rice Puddings.
Tips for Travelers:
1:Tourists should learning some information about the ethnic groups, and observe their customs.
2:The guesthouse in the village are all made of wood and bamboo, it provide air-conditioning, TV, and hot water shower.

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