Yangshuo Landscape Garden

Yangshuo Landscape Garden Nestled in the southeastern portion of Yangshuo County is the Yangshuo Landscape Garden, considered by many to be a cultural treasure. The Yangshuo garden is world-famous for its natural beauty, along with the majestic pavilions and fascinating inscriptions located on the grounds.

Perched upon the banks of the Li River, the Yangshuo Landscape Garden offers guests the incredible views for which this beautiful river is famous for.

Attracting international tourists, the garden is home to three very important and famous cultural relics, which are as follows.

Ying Jiang Pavilion

 Jingguan Path (also known as the Scenery Path)

Jian Shan Temple

Upon arriving at the garden, guests are encouraged to head towards the marble paved Jingguan path, which is also known as the Scenery Path. This pathway nestles against a cliff, upon which there are over 20 significant inscriptions carved into the cliff. It is worth your time to read the inscriptions, as they were created during both the Qing and the Ming Dynasties, which range from 1368 to 1911. The majority of these inscriptions are the masterpieces of well-known poets and scholars. One of the most famous pieces is the inscription of the Chinese character “dai.” This translated to “strip” in English, which isn’t very significant in and of itself, but the sheer size of the inscription is awe-inspiring. It measures about 18ft tall and about 9ft wide; it is the work of a famous calligrapher, Wang Yuanren. This piece of artistry is interesting because while it seems to be composed of a single character, it is actually created out of a large number of Chinese characters, which forms a lovely poem.

Beyond the Scenery Path, guests will find the Jian Shan Building, which was built in 713 but was unfortunately destroyed during the 2nd World War. The government funded the rebuilding of the monument in 1995, and ensured that it was rebuilt with the typical architectural style of the original building. This restored temple is now one of the most majestic sites in the area and is definitely worth a visit. The primary hall of the monument is home to three statues of Buddha, each measuring over 22ft tall. With a backdrop of the majestic Green Lotus Peak, and overlooking the Li River, this is one part of the Yangshuo Landscape Garden that you should not miss.

The Yingjiang Pavilion is located just to the East of the Jian Shan Building, and it stands serenely against the mountainside. Offering unique views of the surrounding countryside, the Yingjiang Pavillion offers remarkable views and an incredible sense of serenity.

Some of the other features of the Yangshuo Landscape Garden include the natural waterfalls, the constantly flowing serene streams, incredible rock formations, brilliant green trees that are over a hundred years old. This garden is a vibrant attraction that no visitor to Guilin should miss.


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