Yima Village in Yangshuo

Yima Village

Yima is located in the south of Yangshuo, which is 15km away from it, this village is on the way of countryside biking rout, and the whole village is surrounding by green hills and paddy fields. It is one of the must see villages in Yangshuo.

Yima Village is famous for the Pan House, which is a well preserve Qing Dynasty house, the household is the descendent of General Pan, the great Hero in Qing Dynasty, and he is a good fighter, so now the household Mr.Pan still have a strong and healthy body even in 65 years old, he can do the weight lifting for 60km, or carry two 20kg of rice bucket and walk 1 hour between his farmland to home. Inside the house, the wooden carving of Gargon and Phnex on the roof is vivid to see, the master’s chair and the old millstone and spinning machine will brings you back to the life in the old days.
This kind of old house still preserve there in Yima Village, the villagers now are live on farming with a simple life, they are friendly to the tourist from all over the world, as they can not speak English, tourist still can visit their house and seize a great opportunity to get up close the people with the story.

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