Guilin Yu Hill Park

Yu Hill Park

Yu Hill Park is named after Yu Hill and the Emperor Yu Temple . The park has many wonderful attractions from the hill, deep and quiet cave, beautiful gardens and divine temple. It's one of the cradles of Guilin 's history and culture and features "Warm Breeze in the Sun Cave ", which is one of the eight famous sight-seeing spots in Guilin .

Yu Hill has a long history of development. Now there are 65 ancient carvings in Yu Hill. On the precipice at the east foot of the hill, a caving of Goddess of Mercy has a 1400-year history.

The construction of the park is very new and is influences by both the East and West in its design. In the northern section of the park, there are springs full with a modern design. In the southern section, The Emperor Yu Temple has been re-built and is very imposing. The Five Blessings Tower , which is named form the traditional auspicious words "Five blessings come to one's house" is a beautiful structure. "Nine Spheroid Heaven" is made of three big pieces of marble and will inspire your imagination. “ Elegance Collecting Garden " collects a lot of grotesque and precious stones for the visitors to look at and appreciate. "The Pleasant and Refreshing Garden " has a great number of exquisite and brightly colored rockeries which will amaze you.

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