Guilin Nearby Areas

Apart from Guilin City, Yangshuo and Longsheng, Guilin also has other fun things to do nearby, such as Ling Canal and Merry Land. Both are in Xing’an County. Xing’an is around 70 km way form Guilin City. It is an hour by car from downtown Guilin to Ling Canal and Merry Land.

Ling Canal (灵渠) was built in 214 BC with a history of over 2000 years. It is the oldest ancient canal in the world. It was built under the command of the Qin Emperor, the first emperor in China. Summer is the best time to visit as you can cool off in the water.

Merry Land (乐满地) is a big theme park and a hotel with the golf course. Kids will like the park.

Other areas near Guilin like Daxu Ancient Town and Jiuwo Ancient Town are also very famous for their scenery and ancient Qing-style buildings. Many photo opportunities are offered there. Some young people like taking wedding photos there. Private tours are available to these places. If interested, just ask for a quotation by using the tailor-made button.

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