Shanghai Transportation

Hongqiao Railway StationShanghai public transportati on system is very reliable and organized making the process of visiting top attractions like the Bund, Nanjing Lu, Xintiandi, and many others an easy feat.

All public transport systems- bus, subway, light rail, taxi, and ferry are all integrated. They can all be accessed using a single card called the Shanghai Public Transportation Card or jiao tong ka. The card abides by a debit system. Once a person gets a card from a subway station’s ticket information booth, he or she can use the card as payment to all forms of transportation in the city.

The minimum amount of deposit is 20 RMB, while the maximum is 2000 RMB. Many convenient stores all over the city can add debit in the card. Passengers can still ride the metro even with only 1RMB left in the card. When paying for a taxi using the card, it is important to tell the driver first of your planned mode of payment to avoid confusion.

Shanghai Metro

The Shanghai metro, the city’s rapid-transit system and elevated light metro, is the fifth busiest metro system in the world.

Every important urban district in the city, as well as the suburban ones like Songjiang and Minhang, is accessible by the metro. There are 12 lines (Line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13) and 288 stations overall. There are five different ticket types: Single Journey, Souvenir, One-day Travel Pass, Three-day Travel Pass, and the Public Transportation Card. The type suited best for tourists is the Souvenir. It can be used within a year and as the name suggests, it can be kept as a souvenir. The one-day and three-day passes can be used without limit for 24 hours and 72 hours respectively.

Phone: 64370000

Line 1: Xinzhuang – Fujin Rd
Line 2: Xujing East ↔ Guanglan Rd. ↔ Pudong Airport
Line 3: South Railway Station ↔ North Jiangyang Rd.
Line 4: Yishan Rd. ↔ Century Avenue ↔ Shanghai Railway Station ↔ Zhongshan Park (↔ Yishan Rd.)
Line 5: Xinzhuang ↔ Minhang Development Zone
Line 6: Gangcheng Rd. ↔ South Lingyan Rd.
Line 7: Huamu Rd. ↔ Meilan Lake
Line 8: Shiguang Rd. ↔ Aerospace Museum
Line 9: Middle Yanggao Rd. ↔ Songjiang Xincheng
Line 10: New Jiangwan City ↔ Hangzhong Rd., Shanghai Zoo ↔ Hongqiao Railway Station
Line 11: Jiangsu Rd. ↔ North Jiading/Anting


The bus system of Shanghai is one of the most extensive in China. It has around a thousand bus lines all over the city. The bus routes in the city are usually called by numbers but those that operate in suburban districts are usually called in their Chinese names. There are around ten different bus companies that operate the different bus lines. The largest of these are the Bashi, Guanzhong, Dazhong, and Qiangsheng. It is especially efficient to use the card in riding the bus because it eliminates the need for change. Bus fare may cost 1RMB, 1.5 RMB, or 2 RMB.

Office of Shanghai Tour Bus Center
Add: 17F, No. 2368, West Zhongshan Road
Transportation: bus 73, 89, 138, 251, 721, 808, 938, Husong Line, subway line 1, 4 or 9.
Tel: 021-64275155


Being surrounded by major bodies of water, an important part of Shanghai’s public transportation system is the ferry. The Huangpu River is a division between two districts of the city: the Pudong New District and the Puxi Area. The Yangtze River, on the other hand, separates three islands- namely, Chongming, Chongxing, and Hengshan- from the Shanghai mainland. One of the possible ways to commute between the islands is by riding the ferry. The ferry system is convenient and cheap, and is therefore still preferred by many. There are a total of 19 lines that are operating and there are 40 stations located along either side of the Huangpu River. Regular fare costs 0.5 RMB for non-air-conditioned ferries and 2 RMB for the air-conditioned ones. Cyclists are offered special rates: 1.3 RMB for non-air-conditioned and 2.8 RMB for air-conditioned.

Shanghai International Ferry Co.,Ltd.
15th Fl. Jinan No. 908 Dondaming Rd, Shanghai
Phone 021-65375111
Hours: 08:30 − 17:00 Mon. − Fri.


Shanghai is the only city in China that has two international airports. These are Pudong International Airport and the Hongqiao Shanghai Airport. Both are acknowledged for their good facilities. Located west of Shanghai- 13 km away from the city’s center- is the Shanghai Hongquiao. The airport in Pudong, on the other hand, is 30 km away from downtown Shanghai and 40 km away from the Hongquiao airport. From the city center, one can travel to the airport by shuttle buses, the Shanghai Maglev, Subway Line 2, or a taxi.

To commute from the Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the Longyan Road where a subway station is located, one can ride the Shanghai Maglev Train, also called the Shanghai Transrapid. Shanghai’s train is the first in the world commercial high-speed Maglev Train.  The whole journey takes only eight minutes for a single trip, which is definitely convenient for any passenger. Just like the metro, there are several ticket options that passengers can choose from. There are ordinary, VIP, and advance types for either single or return tickets. One also have the option to buy a ticket that can be used for 30 single trips valid within a year. Depending on the kind of ticket you choose, the ticket prices range from 50 RMB to 900 RMB. The Shanghai Transportation Card can also be used.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport
900号 Qihang Rd  Pudong, Shanghai, China
+86 21 6269 2200

Hongqiao Shanghai Airport
700 Yingbin 1st Rd
Shanghai CN

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