Shanghai Weather

The climate in Shanghai is subtropical and humid, and the everyday weather can generally be described as mild and moist. Due to its location- the estuary of the Yangtze River- rain in Shanghai occurs for about 1/3 of the year. The average temperature in the city is 15.6°C (60°F). The hottest temperature yet recorded was 40°C (104°F), while the lowest was -12.1°C (10.22°F). Like the rest of mainland China, Shanghai experiences the four primary seasons- spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Spring in Shanghai

From March to May, the city is pleasant, breezy, and warm due to spring. Flowers and lush plants are abloom during this time of the year, and they make the streets look so colorful and pleasant. Spring is one of the best times to travel to Shanghai. Usually, the weather feels cheerful and so lively in this season. Although light rains may pour, travel plans are not going to be ruined by them. Rainfall in the city is classified into three different periods- spring, plum, and autumn. The spring rains are only light showers that travelers don’t need to worry about. The spring season is perfect for taking walks. Tourists can go for a walk around the Nanhui area where there are many peach blossoms that they can taste for a complete spring experience.

Summer in Shanghai

Summer comes along in June and stays until around September. During these months, it is not ideal to travel to Shanghai since the summer is characterized by a mixture of scorching high temperature and heavy rainfall. It is difficult to predict whether the day is going to be rainy or sunny during these times. Late August until the middle of September is usually the time when the possibility of an occurrence of typhoons and thunderstorms is high.

The rain during the summer is called the plum rain season, which lasts for about a month. The rainfall during these times amount to 25% of the total rainfall in the whole city. It is around the time of June that plum rain season begins and it lasts until the beginning of July. It is also this time of the year that the fruit plum begins to ripen, that is why the rain season was named after it.

Autumn in Shanghai

Shanghai in NovemberBy October, the season changes to autumn and stays so until the month of November. The autumn brings a temperate weather. Besides spring, autumn is another good season for traveling. The autumn season brings such beautiful scenery, perhaps the best among the seasons. There are many spots in Shanghai where one can enjoy the poetic sight of fallen autumnal leaves. Among these places are the Nanjing Qixia Mountain and the Tianping Hill of Suzhou.

Winter in Shanghai

Cold winter lasts from December to around February of the next year. The coldest period of the season coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival at around January’s end until the early weeks of February. However, Shanghai is located on the southern part of China, so the temperature in the city is still not as low as those of the northern parts.

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