Guilin Lion Cliff

Guilin Lion Cliff

Located on the shore of the beautiful Peach Blossom River and with Overseas Chinese Hotel on the opposite side, this scenic spot has attractive scenery combining water and mountain views. The greatest traveler of Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake, the visited this place and said “when you are a lion squatting with his head turned and held high, it is Lion Cliff Mountain ” and thus it was named.

The Birds Singing World covers 80 thousand square meters with more than 10,000 birds and thousands of species. With Lion Cliff Mountain as center, The Birds Singing World is divided into Front Park and Back Park . Visitors are encourage to participate in the activities of Front Park

At little Animal village and Swan Lake tourists can get close to the animals, communicate and play with them. Child can play in the water and enjoy the waterfall at Tea Pavilion.

Bird singing world allows us to learn much more about birds and animals and to appreciate our fellow creatures much more.

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