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GuilinChina(www.Guilinchina.net) is operated by China's leading online tour operator China Travel. We provides Private Small Group Tour packages to all single cities of China, and specializes in customizing and tailor-making tours for individuals, families and groups to their specific requirements while offering great value for money. We have established the Guilinchina website to provide specific and detailed information about Guilin and its many attractions for the many people who want to learn more about this city.

Authentic Local Experience

The service you will receive in Guilin is provided by our local Guilin agents and experienced Guilin guides. Our tour guides are college graduates who majored in foreign languages and have passed the tough national examination to be licensed tour guides. They are experienced local experts, and will provide you with the flexibility you want to get the most out of your trip.

Local experts:

The guides are local experts. They are familiar with all the attractions, hotels, restaurants, night activities as well as the little details that often provide the WOW factor in any tour. They know the city well, not only it's long history and culture in Guilin, but also it's people and customs.


The guides and drivers are trained professionals and will do all in their power to ensure a great experience. They will help you to check into the hotel, arrange all the transports for your tour as well as assist with shopping and night activities. They are always available to help with any issues during your stay.


The local agents and local guides in Beijing will be 24 hours available to handle any emergency. Your travel advisor is always just at the end of the phone to ensure that our customers have a worry-free Beijing tour.


Tours Giving You Freedom & Flexibility

"Discovery your way" is our motto and it is something that we are passionate about. We express this passion by giving our clients the tools to discover China in the way that best suits them.

Small private groups

See China in the luxury in your own private vehicle with your own guide and driver. They are focused on your needs not the whims of the people that just happened to have booked the same tour. Do what you want, when you want.

Tailor made and customized tours

We specialize in tailor-made and customized travel because these days many people prefer to travel independently and create their own unique itinerary. We can take you tour ideas and fill in the detail and help you to avoid the problems which only detailed local knowledge can avoid.

China owned & based for more than 50 years

We are not some fly-by-night company that wants to make a quick profit and run. Our teams of dedicated travel professionals know China, we know the hotels, we know the suppliers and we know the guides and drivers. Our local experience, knowledge and stability are your guarantee of quality.


Absolutely no forced shopping trips or tourist traps

Everyone hates being dragged to endless expensive factory outlets and tourist traps and everyone knows that the guides get paid commissions on the purchases made by the people they bring. We have been trying for years to protect our customers from this ordeal and we now believe that we have succeeded. We guarantee that our customers will be taken to only 1 factory outlet in any 2 full days. This outlet will be chosen not because it pays a good commission, but because the factory manufactures and sells unique product or it has a high cultural significance. There will be absolutely no pressure to buy; you have the right to tell your travel advisor or your guide (while you are on tour) that you have no interest in any shops.


24 hours contacts for a worry free tour

When traveling with China Highlights, we will always be available for you, 24 hrs a day. We provide our clients with our cell phone number in case they need to contact us urgently. Clients can enjoy a worry-free tour as our support team are always just at the end of the phone.

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