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  • Hello, everyone! My name is Vivian. I'm the web master for I worked for Guilinchina as English tour guide before moving into the office and I am now in charge of this website. I put all my experience as tour guide into designing tour products for I trust that you find exactly what you are looking for in our website but welcome your suggestions. Please contact me at!

Guilin Though My Eyes

Guilin's landscape is well-known all over the world, especially for its Karst Mountains geography. Guilin a relatively small city so 20 minutes drive will take you from the city center to the unique countryside. The contrast of the hustle and bustle of the city with peaceful countryside scenery is startling. I have presented classic tours as well as some to show the local people’s daily life. This is one of my favorite sites with some great photos. Enjoy!

My Favorites in Guilin

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