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Under what circumstances can the National Tourist Administration make a refund?

- If you suffer any loss because we fail to deliver the services, or to meet the service quality standards outlined in the contract.
- If you suffer any loss because the service quality standard in our contract does not meet the standards set by government.
- If you lose your deposit because we go out of business before your bookings are confirmed.
- If the National Tourism Bureau decides you should be refunded.

What are the Exceptions

- If weather conditions, force majeure or other elements beyond our control prevent us from delivering the agreed services.
- If you do not take reasonable steps to protect your belongings, and personal security.
- If you do not make reasonable efforts to meet the schedule.
- If you willingly become involved in any illegal, violent or dangerous activities.
- If you dot not make a claim within 90 days.
- If the dispute has been submitted to the court.
- If personal injury or property loss is suffered though the fault of the traveler.

When and How much does the National Tourist Administration pay?

If we are at fault compensation can be paid as follows:
- 10% of the deposit if you are not told within 3 days of departure that a tour has been cancelled provided that we knew of the cancellation.
- 110% of your loss if you miss a plane, ship, bus or train because we gave you the wrong information.
-The difference between the amount you have paid and the agreed total price plus 100% of any loss resulting from a variation between actual activities and those specified.

If the tour guides are at fault compensation can be paid as follows:
- 200% of the service charge if your guide fails to meet the service quality standard.
- 200% of the entry fees and service charges if your guide personally alters your tour schedule or cuts down your tour activities.
- 100% of your costs for dining, entertainment and medical services added without your agreement in advance
- 20% refund on purchases if your guide takes you to a shop which is not one of our approved shops. - 100% compensation if you buy counterfeit goods from one of our approved shops.
- 100% refund for any goods bought direct from a tour guide.
- 200% of any tips paid to a guide if these tips have been demanded by force.
- 100% of your cost for dining and accommodation for any period that your guide leaves you alone without your agreement plus 30% of your total tour cost.

If other agencies supporting your tour are at fault, compensation can be paid as follows:
- The difference between the cost of a lower standard room and the room specified, plus 20% of th
e room cost.
- The difference between the cost of your lower standard / means of transport and the transport specified, plus 20% of the transport cost.
- Entry fees and service charges plus 20% if any sights are closed when you visit.

How do I complain?

You can make a written or verbal complaint to China National Tourism Administration within 90 days of the loss. The contact infomation for China National Tourism Administration are as follows:
Add: 9A Jianguomennei Ave., Beijing 100740, China
Tel: (0086-10) 65201114 Fax: (0086-10) 65122096
Website: en.cnta.gov.cn

How long will it take?

You will be told within 7 days whether they will investigate your case. If accepted, you will receive a reply from the travel agency within anther 30 days.

Who decides how much the customer will be paid?

Payment will be according to the levels listed at Item 3.


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