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See Guilin Impressively: How to Plan a 2-day Trip in Guilin

Introduction: Guilin city itself offers innumerable things to do and stunning views of limestone and pinnacles surrounding it to see like Yangshuo. For travelers who do not have enough time to explore it, how to have fun and appreciate Guilin in 48 hours? Read on to find out all essence that represents their kinds best.

What to See

Yangshuo Yulong River

Yangshuo Countryside Cycling

The Karst landform makes this city with countless caves, beautiful rivers and peculiar peaks. To see the marrow of each sort with a suitable pace and not missing out the key attractions, here are some recommendations.

Li River Cruise 漓江游船--Take in the Essence of Li River Comfortably

  • Chinese Pingyin: Li Jiang You Chuan
  • When people say that they travel to Guilin, they always mean Guilin and Yangshuo. So start Day 1 by taking the Li River Cruise from the city to Yangshuo County. Board the cruise in the early morning at Zhujiang Pier and about 4 hours later it gets to Yangshuo. See the essence part of Li River on this section. Along the way there are beautiful sights lining its banks. The cruise offers lunch. In 2010, Li River has been listed as one of the Worlds Top 10 Watery Wonders by National Geographic magazine.

  • Add: Zhujiang Piper, Yanshan District, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林雁山区竹江码头
  • Tel: 0773-3900893
  • Departing Time: Cruise ships normally begin from Guilin Zhujiang Pier at 9am
  • Price: 285 Yuan/person
  • Getting there: Take a taxi from city center with taxi fare of 60 Yuan
  • Biking Around Yangshuo阳朔骑自行车— Go at Your Own Pace to Appreciate the Lovely Scenery

    Yangshuo Countyside Cycling

    Yangshuo Countryside Cycling

    Upon arrival in Yangshuo, you have a big afternoon ahead to enjoy. Indulging in the beautiful views on bicycle has become increasing popular in recent years. Ten Miles Gallery surrounding Moon Hill is the most-trekked road that shows the beauty of Yangshuo best. Flaming Mountain, Dolphins Expelling Water, Mt. Dragon Horns, Qinge Scenery, Ancient Banyan Scenic Spot mainly feature Ten Miles Gallery. Bike renting is available and easy to get in the center of Yangshuo County. The average renting price is 20 Yuan/day.

    Spend day 2 sightseeing the natural beauty of the city itself. In the early morning take a bus heading to Guilin City with ticket fare of 18 Yuan/person at Yangshuo Bus Station.

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    Reed Flute Cave 芦笛岩—See One to Know All (Lu Di Yan)

    First steps foot in Reed Flute Cave, which stands best for all caves in Guilin Karst landform. Its nickname explains the beauty of the cavethe Art Palace of Nature. Stalactitesstalagmites, dripstones and so on make different interesting shapes assembles plants or animals. It is on the north western outskirts of the city.

  • Add: NO.1, Ludi Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市秀峰区芦笛路1号
  • Opening Hours: 7:30-18:00Apr.1-Nov.30; 8:00-17:30Dec.1-Mar.31
  • Tel: 0773-2695075
  • Ticket Price: 90 Yuan/person
  • Getting there: Take bus No 3 and gets off at Ludiyan Station («վ)
  • Elephant Trunk Hill Park 象鼻山公园—The Hill That Symbolizes Guilin (Xiang Bi Shan Gongyuan)

    Then head over to Elephant Trunk Hill Park. The hill actually does resemble an elephant dipping its snouts into Li River that highlights the park and also the city. There is not much to see in the park except the Elephant Trunk Hill, but missing it out would definitely be pretty pity for first-travelers to Guilin.

  • AddNo.1Minzhu Road, Guilin
  • 地址:广西桂林市民主路1号
  • Tel: 0773-2857643
  • Admission: 75 Yuan/person
  • Opening hours: 6:00-19:30Apr.1-Oct.31; 6:30-19:00 Nov.1-Mar.31
  • Getting there: Take bus NOs 2 or 16 and gets off at Xiangshan Gongyuan Stationɽ԰վ
  • Fu Bo Hill Park 伏波山公园—A Superb Panoramic View of Guilin

    End todays visit by climbing up to Wave-Subduing Hill to have a lovely view of the town. The peak descends into the river, blocking the waves, hence the name. The other explanation of the name is that the temple was built there for General Fubo in the Tang Dynasty, who is also called wave-subduing general. Though the park is small, it contains a lot to see. The Big Rice Pot, Returned Pearl Cave and Thousand Buddha Cave constitute main attractions in the park.

  • AddNo.2, Longzhu Road, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市龙珠路2号
  • Tel: 0773-5635206
  • Admission: 30 Yuan/person
  • Opening hours: 6:00-18:30(Apr.1-Nov.31); 7:00-18:00(Dec.1-Mar.31)
  • Getting there: Take Bus NOs 2 or 58 and gets off at Fubo Shan Stationɽվ
  • What to do after Dark

    Yangshuo West Street

    Yangshuo West Street

    Guilin and Yangshuo are not the places retire after dark, instead they show their charming sides when the darkness closed down on it. No matter you want a sober evening or a crazy drinking, or just simply sitting down for a relaxing show, these are never absent in Guilin and Yangshuo.

    West Street 西街—Where West Meets East

    West Street makes the night in Yangshuo as vibrant and attractive as the day! It offers pubs to revelry and cafes to have a rest quietly. Numerous tourist souvenirs and local handicrafts are for sale in small shops. Tin Tin Bar that names after the film the Adventure of Tintins is the most famous pub on the street. If you dream for meeting across someone, just try there and drink some beer. If you are into tasting delicious cuisine with elegant environment, do not miss The Best Coffee which could meet your expectation.

    Tin Tin BarThe Blue Lotusư

  • Add: NO.59, West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市阳朔县西街59号
  • Tel: 0773-8812232
  • Price range: 35-70 Yuan/person
  • The Best Coffee明园咖啡

  • Add: NO.50, West Street, Yangshuo County, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市阳朔县西街50号
  • Tel: 13457369680
  • Price range: 40-60 Yuan/person
  • Live Show--Impression Show of Liusanjie 印象刘三姐

    To people who are in the mood for a show, Impression Show of Liusanjie in Yangshuo will not let you down. This spectacular show goes the love story of the famous folk heroine Liu Sanjie. The show is performed in the natural scenery along the Li River and over 100 actors put on the show.

  • Add: NO.1, Tianyuan Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市阳朔县田园路1号
  • Tel: 0773-8818006
  • Price: 220 Yuan/person for Ordinary Seats; 278 Yuan/person for VIP1 AND 320 Yuan/person for VIP2; 480 Yuan/person for Vice President VIP A2 and 680 Yuan/person for President VIP A1.
  • Zhengyang Pedestrian Street 正阳步行街— The Place Pulsating the City

    In Guilin, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street offers enough space for night owls to enjoy. Pubs are grounded mainly on this street and Binjiang Road. Pack a day with downing some drink there would be definitely not a problem. Yiren Bar, Back Garden Irishpub and Paulaner Bar etc. are famous bars in the city.

    Yiren Bar伊人酒吧

    This pub is rather quietly comfortable and chic, which differs from Disco clubs with noisy and raucous surroundings. It offers a range of alcoholic beverages. The light music and comfortable lights make it an ideal place for friends meeting or dating. Free Internet service is available there.

  • Add: NO.27, Yiren Road, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林依仁路27号
  • Tel: 0773-2822222
  • Price range: 50-70 Yuan/person
  • Opening Hours: 19:30-02:30
  • Getting there: Take bus NOs 100, 11, 51 or 99 to Shizijie Station(十字街站) and walk for 200 meters to the destination.

  • What to Eat

    Guilin Food

    Guilin Food

    Many tourists hold that travel is not just sightseeing and culture appreciating but also a trip for delicious local food. Guilin and Yangshuo are the very places that could meet that standard. Below list offers a selection of food and snacks.

    Xie Dajie Pijiuyu 谢大姐啤酒鱼—Best Local Dish in Yangshuo

    A trip to Yangshuo would not come to an end until you try the local dish. Beer Fish is the representative of all Yangshuo food and is beloved by locals as well as tourists. Using fish from Li River as the main ingredient and fry them with oil tea, the outside of the fish is crispy and savory while the inside is soft and juicy.

  • Add: NO.18, Diecui Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市阳朔县叠翠路18号,谢大姐啤酒鱼
  • Tel: 0773-6910658
  • Getting there: Walk from Yangshuo Bus Station (阳朔汽车站)
  • Guilin Rice Noodles 桂林米粉—Daily Food for Locals

    As one of the major staple of Guilin food, Rice Noodles are known for their special flavor and unique crafting process. Noodles with lettuce, beef belly and other vegetables are all very popular for locals and tourists. Do not miss this unique food that features Guilin!

  • Recommended: Chongshan Rice Noodles 崇善米粉 main store
  • Add: NO.5, Yi Ren Roadnear the Bell Tower,Zhengyang Pedestrian Street, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市依仁路5号正阳步行街钟楼旁
  • Opening Hours: 6:00-24:30
  • Tel: 0773-2950902
  • Price range: 3.5-8 Yuan/person
  • Getting there: Take bus NOs 30,10,100, 11, 51 and 99 to Shizijie Station(ʮֽվ) and walk for 150 meters to the store.
  • Lipu Taro Looped Meat 荔浦扣肉— A Dish Offered in Every Traditional Banquet

    Lipu Taro Looped Meat is a carefully made food. This dish is often served during festivals, banquets, weddings in Guangxi. The main ingredients are taro and streaky pork both from Lipu County, Guilin. The flavor is unique and not easy to find outside Guangxi.

  • Recommended: Guilin Ren Jufulin Meishi Yuan 桂林人聚福林美食苑
  • Add: NO.10, Zhengyang Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市秀峰区正阳路10号
  • Tel: 0773-2829542
  • Opening hours: 11:30-14:00, 17:00-1:30
  • Price range: 50-70 Yuan/person
  • Getting there: Take bus NOs 2, 57 or Tourist Line 1 (旅游观光一号) to Lijiang Juyuan station (漓江剧院站).
  • Shangshui Street 尚水街—A Snack Street Gathering Foods across the Country

    The street is a newly-opened snack street, located in Zhengyang Pedestrian Street that very near the Bell Tower. There you could find small stores offering street snacks and also could have a western meal in western-style food restaurants. Put your foot there and fill your stomach to all your want.

  • Add: NO.15, Binjiang Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin
  • 地址:桂林市秀峰区滨江路15号
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-23:00
  • Getting there: Take bus NOs 30,10,100, 11, 51 and 99 to Shizijie Station(十字街站) and walk for 150 meters to the street entrance
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